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Tourism Showcase, September 23th till 26th, 2019, Tehran, Iran

The development of the tourism sector is one of the main priorities in Iran. The country offers Austrian companies various opportunities to contribute to the development of this sector. This event is part of the internationalization offensive ‘go-international’ - a funding initiative of the Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs and the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber.

With its diverse ecosystem ranging from high mountains to desert landscapes to undeveloped beaches, Iran offers foreign tourists a rich traveling experience where they can witness thousands of years of history and culture. However, the overwhelming Iranian hospitality is arguably the biggest attraction for travelers.

Although the Iranians themselves enjoy traveling in Iran, the tourism infrastructure is often underdeveloped. Apart from the ‘golden triangle’ (Isfahan - Shiraz – Yazd), the tourist facilities are often outdated and only exist to a limited extent.

Ironically, because of the difficult present situation in Iran both politically and economically, the country has additional opportunities to offer: On one hand, Iran has become an even more attractive destination for foreign visitors due to the collapse of the currency. On the other hand, many Iranians find themselves forced to spend their holiday in their home country instead of taking trips abroad. Despite such trips being desirable to Iranians, they have become too expensive and too complicated. The Commercial Section of the Austrian Embassy in Tehran is therefore organizing a showcase on the tourism industry from 22nd to 26th of September. We invite all Austrian companies active in the tourism and leisure industries to take part in this event, which focuses on the following fields:

1) Planning, infrastructure and spare parts for facilities such as cable cars, stadiums, amusement parks, resorts and hotels

2) Equipment for climbers, rangers, mountain rescue workers

3) Training in the areas of tourism, hotel management; training for mountain guides and ski instructors

4) Marketing concepts and tools for Iranian museums, destination marketing with an emphasis on ecotourism, adventure traveling, desert trips

5) Presenting the tourism offers to Austrian companies interested in offering or expanding Iranian tourism options

As a participant, you will present your products and services to Iranian companies and institutions in workshops. The scale and concept of the workshops will be tailored to your specific needs. The invitation of potential Iranian customers can also be arranged.

Simultaneously the Austrian Embassy in Tehran is organizing a symposium on tourism with the University of Science and Culture. This will increase the attention of the Iranian public on the topic whilst also adding an academic note to the showcase.

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