International alumni network of TU Graz (Graz University of Technology)

An increasing number of graduates of TU Graz are pursuing a career abroad. Thanks to the establishment of branches, or chapters, in Zurich, Munich, Berlin, Shanghai, Maribor, Ljubljana, Zagreb and Istanbul, we are now able to offer TU Graz graduates and interested parties from various fields of science, business and politics a first personal point of contact abroad and a platform for networking.


In order to stay in touch with and inform interested parties in all other areas of the world where we do not yet have a contact point, we have launched a new event series - StayINFORMEDonline.


StayINFORMEDonline is a digital event series organised on an annual basis, which informs interested parties about the latest issues, ongoing activities and news from TU Graz on a selected general topic, regardless of their location.


The kick-off event on the topic of ‘TU Graz - Digital Transformation’ took place on 14 October 2021. All details can be found in our homepage at: http://alumni.tugraz.at/uploads/alumni-eXtended_stayINFORMEDonline_Kick-off_14Oct2021.pdf


You are also welcome to get in touch with us by email at international@alumni.tugraz.at

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