• Cosima Steiner
    Commercial Counsellor

Cosima was born and raised in Vienna, but has spent most of her working life outside of Austria. Her postings in Toronto, Warsaw and London saw her promoting Austrian companies and their products and services in places ranging from the Rocky Mountains to the Masurian Lakes and the Scottish Highlands.

After a stint at ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA’s HQ, where she was responsible for implementing the SURPRISINGLY INGENIOUS branding strategy, Cosima has been happily Copenhagenized (bicycle and basket included) since her start at ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA Copenhagen in July 2014.

Cosima holds a Master’s Degree in Social and Economic Sciences from the University of Vienna and a Master of Science Degree in Renewable Energies from the Vienna University of Technology.

She has a passion for sports and the outdoors and is an enthusiastic rock climber, who - in lack of “real rock” possibilities nearby - regularly enjoys “climbing on plastic” in one of Copenhagen’s indoor climbing gyms.