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Austria is the world’s largest engine manufacturer per capita

19. May 2016

The Austrian car industry is noted for being particularly innovative. 450,000 jobs depend directly or indirectly on the automotive industry.

Vehicle manufacturing and the associated supply chain is one of Austria’s key commercial sectors. Austria’s research, development and production capability make it a popular location for international companies, and the country is considered to be a key driver of the European automotive industry.

Internationally, Austrian innovation in the motor industry puts it amongst the leaders in the field, and its production capacity is similarly impressive: Austria is the world’s largest per capita motor manufacturer, explained Dieter Grebe, the Executive Vice-President of AVL List, as he presented a new study of the sector.

The automotive business is not only essential to the country’s status as a location for industry. It is also highly innovative, and scores well above average in many fields of research & development. On average Austrian companies submit around 7 new automotive patents every week, and there is almost always an electric vehicle innovation amongst the new designs. Automotive research is also making a particularly significant contribution to greener mobility. Alongside new power units and safety features, new technology is always centre stage, and with it a clear focus on the environment, from electric vehicles to hybrids, self-driving cars and exhaust emissions purification.

Overall, Austria’s automotive industry accounts for some 450,000 jobs and generates an annual turnover of more than EUR 43 billion.