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Austria’s trades enjoy strong exports

14. June 2016

Austria’s skilled crafts and trades made 7.8% of its sales abroad last year, with export volumes approaching EUR 6.5 billion.

According to a new study by the Austrian Institute for SME Research , the internationalisation of the country’s skilled crafts and trades sector is progressing apace, with increasing numbers of companies in the sector supplying goods to foreign clients. A total of 16% of all companies already export, with 7.8% of annual turnover being transacted abroad – representing EUR 6.5 billion out of a total EUR 82.9 billion.

For these exporting companies, export accounts for a good quarter of their turnover. But despite all this international success, there is still great potential for growth. After all, Austrian companies are renowned for their top quality products and services, and are well placed to succeed on foreign markets. Some 67% of mechatronics companies made 36.6% of their sales outside Austria’s borders, for example, while 15% of the companies in the garment trade export; the figure for carpenters was 17% and for bakers a more modest 8%.

The percentage of firms exporting (and their export rate) also varies significantly according to company size: 37% of larger companies in the skilled crafts and trades sector (with 20 or more employees) geared towards export, while among the smallest companies (fewer than 10 staff) the figure is only 12%.