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Index of Globalization: Austria leads the field

28. August 2018

Austria has secured fifth place in the ETH Zurich’s renowned KOF Index of Globalization, which examines and ranks 185 countries.

Austria has been awarded an impressive fifth place in the current Index of Globalization announced by KOF, the Swiss Economic Institute at the ETH (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) Zurich, making it one of the most strongly globalized countries in the world. Austria successfully beat off challenges from Denmark, France, United Kingdom, Germany and Finland, with only Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Sweden achieving a higher score.

It comes as no surprise that smaller nations in particular are more intensely globalized. Thanks to the size of their domestic markets, large economies are more inward-looking and correspondingly tend to bring up the rear on the Index of Globalization: the USA, the largest economy in the world, is therefore in 24th place, with China at 87st and Japan at 35th place.

The current KOF Index of Globalization reflects a country’s economic, social and political globalization for the year 2015. Based on 42 variables, the KOF Globalization Index 2018 covers 185 countries. According to the KOF Index of Globalization, in 2015 the degree of globalization decreased slightly - for the first time since 1975.

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