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Advantage Austria Amman Invites the Jordanian participants of the Austrian Leadership Programs (ALPS)

30. November 2016

The Jordanian participants of Austrian Leadership Programs (ALPS); Sami El-hourani, Samar Muhareb and Valentina Qussisiya,  were invited by Advantage Austria Amman for a meeting to talk about their participation and the experiences they gained during the program that took place in Austria between August 28th and September 2nd, 2016.

The ALPS is arranged by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs AND the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber. It targets young leaders in different countries that are invited to Austria to enroll in a one week program with Austrian institutions, the government and high decision makers.

Under the Austrian Leadership Programs (ALPS), these decision-makers from around the world are invited to visit Austria. They spend a week with fellow leaders from all continents to learn about Austria, connect with leading representatives from business and public life in Austria and of course network build a network within Austria but also beyond Austrian borders.

In addition to Jordan, this year’s ALPS included participants from Egypt, Armenia, Kenya, Kosovo, Malaysia, Mozambique, Moldova, Montenegro, South Korea and the USA.