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Red Bull organizes the First BASE jump in Petra from the Top of the Treasury

8. May 2017

Just when you think Petra must have witnessed everything, here comes Miles Daisher!

The Red Bull Air Force Team member who has completed well over 4,299 BASE jumps - in addition to his 7,200 skydives – had his eyes set on this World Wonder as a perfect location to celebrate BASE jump number 4,300!

Setting up his gear inside an opening of the mountain over the Treasury, Miles jumped from the top of the Treasury into the depth of the Lost City of Petra to swoop land directly in front of the entrance. 

The challenge lied in the in the low height of the jump and the incredibly small and tight space that left Miles with little room to maneuver and to escape the walls of the limestone mountains. He passed the challenge with flying colors and become the first BASE jumper to perform this jump. 

Miles’s stated that it was the lowest BASE jump over land he had ever performed and the most challenging to date, stating, “It took all of those jumps that I have done since the beginning to prepare me for this one.”

To watch the video of the jump, click here .

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