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It doesn't matter which time of year you choose to visit Austria, there are always attractive sporting activities on offer. Skiing is a must in winter, with Austrian ski resorts ready to cater to your every need. In summer Austria's beautiful landscape offers perfect opportunities for hiking and cycling.


Austria is the land of skiers and there's nowhere that offers such a wide range of options for every level of skiing. Whether it's your first time on the slopes or you already have all the moves, you'll find a home in one of the numerous Austrian ski areas.

More and more people are discovering cross-country skiing. There are many well-maintained cross-country ski runs in amazing countryside where you can actively breathe in the pleasures of nature. Snowboarders will also not go disappointed in Austria.

Do Austrians have a special talent for skiing and waltzing? Find out more by listening to an audio stream:Skiing Tradition [mp3, 909.5kb]


A bit of time and fitness are generously rewarded by astonishing views from the hills and dales, not to mention fresh air and absolute peace and quiet. Austria provides the perfect route for any hiker, whether you prefer meandering along a river or trekking up steep mountain sides. Countless footpaths through picturesque landscapes with bubbling brooks and cascading waterfalls, along with hiking and rock-climbing tours among the peaks of the Alps are just some of the pleasures that await you.


Austria has many lakes for swimming (the water is pure enough to drink!) and crystal clear streams and creeks which are perfect for watersports. The lakes in the south of Austria are well-loved holiday destinations, where there is always something to do. In and around Vienna, the Old Danube and the Neusiedl Lake are popular for sailing and surfing.


Amazing scenery, clean air, extensive cycle paths with excellent signposting and an exceptional infrastructure, make cycling in Austria a true pleasure. Bike hire firms and accommodation catering specifically to cyclists are just some of the reasons why cycling remains so popular in Austria.