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Post and Telephone

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Here is all the information you need for keeping in touch. 

Post Office Opening Hours

Opening hours vary from branch to branch and are displayed at the entrance of the post offices .

Some post offices in larger cities are open at night, on weekends and on public holidays, however with a restricted range of services.

Postal Charges

Postage Calculator (in German) 

Postage stamps are available in all post offices.

Mail boxes are painted yellow; red stripes indicate that they are emptied also on Sundays and public holidays.


Telekom Austria offers a broad range of tariffs.

For card and coin operated pay phones of Telekom Austria there is only one local zone and no time scale for entire Austria. Phone cards are available in post offices and at tobacconists.

There are numerous other providers in Austria, both for landline and mobile services, with varying tariffs.

Mobile phone access

Austria has a well established GSM network which operates in the 900MHz or 1800MHz bands, the standard network for most of Europe.

If you want to save on high roaming charges, another option is to buy a pre-paid sim card. These are available from numerous providers in mobile phone shops, post offices, bookshops and some supermarkets. 

Internet Access

Internet cafés are reasonably priced and widely available in Austrian cities, although if you have a laptop, there are many places with free wireless LAN access. From Vienna International Airport to countless cafés and pubs , if your laptop is WiFi enabled, you can simply connect and surf without paying anything.

Last modified
28. July 2020