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Currency and Exchange Rates

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All the information you need about changing money, cash withdrawals and any other currency questions you may have.

Official Currency

As a member of the European Community, Austria is also a member of the economic and currency unions, adopting the Euro as the common currency.

1 Euro = 100 Cents .

The following Euro bank notes and coins are in circulation:

  • Bank notes of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500 Euros
  • Coins of 1 and 2 Euros, and 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 Cents.

These Euro notes and coins are legal tender in all European countries.
In addition there are certain coins produced by Münze Österreich AG and modeled on the Euro, including commemoration and gold coins, which are only valid as legal tender within Austria.

Currency Exchange and Rates

Bank notes and coins in Austrian shillings can be exchanged for Euro bank notes and coins at the Austrian National Bank with no commission charges and for an unlimited period of time.
Bank notes and coins of former currencies from other European countries can no longer be exchanged in Austria.

Other currencies

For all other foreign currencies, the appropriate exchange rates apply Exchange Rates (Buying and Selling Rates).

Euros and foreign currencies can be transferred in and out of Austria in unlimited amounts.

However, all travellers entering or leaving the EU with EUR 10 000 or more in cash must declare the sum to Customs in order to comply with European Regulation (EC) No 1889/2005.

Travelling with EUR 10,000 or more? Don't forget to declare it!

Bank Opening Hours (General)

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday08:00 to 12:30 and
13:30 to 15:00
Thursday08:00 to 12:30 and
13:30 to 17:30

Cash Machines (A.T.M.s)

You can withdraw money from cash dispensers at banks and other locations all over Austria using both Austrian and foreign cash cards. Other ATM cards include locally and foreign-issued MasterCard cards, AmericanExpress cards and Diners cards, as well as Cirrus, Maestro and Visa-Plus cards.

Credit Cards

Credit cards are widely accepted in numerous hotels, restaurants, shops and petrol stations in cities and tourist areas. The logos at the front of the venue (normally on the front door) display the accepted credit cards.