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Safety systems for high speed sports from Carinthia

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One of the most beautiful areas of Carinthia is home to the production of safety systems for large sporting events by an Austrian company. The products protect against serious injuries and are used by, among others, Formula 1 drivers, emergency medical teams at racetracks and skiers at world cup events.

In some areasAlpina Safety Systems is even the world market leader. Since the Olympic winter games in Lillehammer 1994, Alpina Safety Systems has equipped practically all winter games and world championships with safety nets. The company's product range also includes safety nets for bridge construction, container nets, road airbags for traffic, sports nets and cordoning material for large events.

This year a so-called high speed barrier to ensure track safety for Formula 1 will be launched, Alpina having developed it in cooperation with the worldwide association FIA . The high speed barrier can stop a Formula 1 car travelling at a speed of 220km/h in a head-on crash within 5 seconds.

In the motor sports industry, Alpina has a world market share of 90% for racetrack safety systems. As a comparison - the share of the world market in the winter sports industry is at 75%. Alpha's clients include the worldwide associations FIM ( motorcycling), FIA ( cars) and FIS (skiing). Alpina, along with its partner company Netzerzeugung R. Habernig KG , invests around four million euros per year. Around 10% of revenues are invested in research and development. The export quota is around 70%.

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