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Tons of nibbles and snacks all over the world

Kellys © Kelly GmbH

© Kelly GmbH


Kelly is Austria's market leader in snacks and nibbles - and more than a third of the annual production of 26,000 tons is exported.  

Popcorn and potato chips have had a name in Austria since 1955 – Kelly’s . The company was founded by US American Howard Morse Kelly and the Austrian Herbert Rast and today produces well over 26,000 tons of snack foods with a 400-strong workforce in Austria. The product range includes popcorn, potato chips, salty sticks, pretzels etc.
Per capita, every Austrian consumes 3.2kg of Kelly's snacks every year. With a market share of 67% the company is the undisputed market leader in Austria and is well on the way to the same title in several other countries. Annual company revenues are over 100 million Euros.

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