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Wasabi cheese conquers Japanese market

Rollino © Landfrisch Molkerei GmbH

© Landfrisch Molkerei GmbH


'Quality and fantasy for success' is the motto of the Upper Austrian dairy company Landfrisch. Their latest innovative creation - a wasabi cheese - has been a huge hit in Japan.

Cheese may not be part of the traditional cuisine in Japan, but it is steadily gaining popularity. This trend was recognised by the Landfrisch (in German) company, headquartered in Wels (Upper Austria), and they are now taking the market by storm with their cheesy 'classics' such as Landfrisch Rollino, and with a special wasabi cheese.

The company was founded as 'Wels dairy' in 1929, before being renamed 'Landfrisch dairy' in 1993, in recognition of the exceptional success of the top products Landfrisch (cottage) cheeses. Revenues last year reached EUR 79 m, and 50% of production is exported. The main export markets are Germany, Italy, Spain, Ireland, the Netherlands, Denmark and Hungary. The Landfrisch Molkerei is the largest cottage cheese manufacturer in Europe.