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EU Gateway Programme Construction and Building Technologies“ as well as „Environmental and Energy-related Technologies“ Business Missions


On February 2nd and 3rd the participants of two new Business Missions will present their products and solutions at the Two-Day Exhibition at the Tokyo Hilton.

The trade shows are free of charge; registration prior to the event is needed, though.
Please refer to below details concerning date, time and venue of the Two-Day Exhibition.

EU Gateway Programme
Schedule:    02. February 2010 (Tue) 11:00-18:00 (Registration 10:30)
                    03. February 2010 (Wed) 10:00-17:00 (Registration 9:30)
Venue:         Hilton Tokyo 4F, Kiku Room

The following two Austrian companies will participate at the two Business Missions:

“Construction and Building Technologies”

RZ is a Sawmill Industry for softwood, mainly spruce and pine. Planning mill, Pellets Production and Power Plant (Green Energy).
Soft wood on alpine slopes has especially good growing conditions. Intensive solar radiation in a short period of vegetation and perfect soil conditions result in tight grain and sound fibre. Alpine Timber is of high bending strength and pressure proof. The unique final product is
therefore characterized by high strength and stability in shape. Strength is combined with beautiful appearance. RZ is specialised in processing of higher diameter timber giving the final product an uniqueness. High sophisticated technology for production in the saw mill, kiln drying facilities, planning mill and finger jointer. Top standards in quality control. To customer special request adjusted production.
The lumber produced is of high quality standard. The company is PEFC certified
Producing lumber you get different grades out of a log. We select the better quality for the Market with higher quality demand and sell lower grades to other markets. Big logs allow to produce from the sideboards high quality material which can be used for Boards, Mabashira, Dimension Lumber etc. and the big log dimension allows also to produce FOHC for the products as Hashira, Hirakaku etc. 

“Environmental and Energy-related Technologies”
Seda Umwelttechnik
“Seda is the worlds leading producer of scrap car drainage technology and a specialist producer of refrigerator recycling machines. Our vehicle drainage equipment can remove 98% of all liquids such as petrol, oil, break fluid, screen wash and radiator liquid in 7 minutes.
Our newly patented refrigerator recycling machine removes the oil and CFC gasses from the compressors of old refrigerators in mere seconds.
Mr Takamatsu of Seda Japan and Mr Root from Seda head office in Austria will be pleased to explain to you in more detail the operations of each machine”

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