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Corona clinical thermometer: Sensor patches help early detection of infection and support economic recovery

The Styrian MedTech company SteadySense is developing an intelligent clinical thermometer to be used in the management of the corona pandemic and its economic consequences. With the help of the innovative SteadyTemp system, potentially infected individuals can be identified in companies and organisations even before they show any noticeable symptoms of the disease. By continuously recording the body temperature and displaying the temperature curve, even a slight increase in temperature can be detected. This ensures that even people with mild CoV symptoms are alerted and can be tested and treated promptly.

The SteadySense System consists of a precise temperature sensor embedded in a plaster, which is applied under the arm, and the supporting smartphone app. This sensor patch measures and saves the body temperature every minute. The patch can be read at any trime and the saved data accessed using NFC technology, best known for its use in tap-and-go contactless payments.The measurements are displayed on the screen of a smartphone  as a body temperature curve.

Since the beginning of 2019 the Sensor Patch has been successfully used as a method of ovulation detection for women trying to get pregnant. The FFG-funded development project focuses in particular on adapting the software in the sensor, the algorithms for processing the temperature curves, and above all on creating the appropriate apps for iOS and Android smartphones. The SteadyTemp system is a medical device and requires the appropriate certification before it is released to the market.

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