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Austrian environmental technology

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 Two thirds of the revenue of Austrian environmental technology companies come from exports, with annual revenue growth of around 8% - Environmental technology "Made in Austria " is a truly international hallmark.

Austrian companies from the environmental technology industry are already among the world's top providers and "Made in Austria " environmental technology solutions have become synonymous with quality across the world. The Austrian environmental technology industry records annual revenue growth of around 8% and two thirds of sales go to export. 40% of environmental technology exports go to the EU-15, 10% to Central and Eastern Europe, and 5% to North America . There are currently around 600 Austrian environmental technology companies which operate internationally. The future markets with the highest potential for the industry are Eastern Europe and America . In southern and southeastern Europe alone, 200 billion euros of investment are needed to meet the specified EU standards. Further market potential will arise from the international adoption of the Kyoto Treaty. The transfer of technologies to countries with lower environmental standards will be required under international climate protection initiatives.