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Good vibrations are guaranteed

Getzner Werkstoffe GmbH is a leading specialist for vibration insulation. Getzner has also been distributing its polyurethane products in Japan since 2002. In the city centre of Tokyo, the ‘Toranamon Hills Tower’ along withits associated facilities was constructed over a total area of about 6000 m².

This is an outstanding multifunctional area, the core of which is the K2 tower reaching approximately 255 metres. Living and office space was created over 52 floors and insulated with Sylomer®. Getzner also developed vibration protection for the city motorway that runs directly under the building. The first implementation phase of the project provided elastic support for an underground section of the motorway covering approx. 200 m. This section was also completely ‘embedded’ in the high-tech material Sylomer®, providing the building over the street with effective, long-term protection from vibrations. The solution was therefore applied directly at the source of the vibrations. The elastic support decoupled the interference source from the environment and therefore also from the Toranamon Hills Tower built over it.

Steady progress in the field of railway construction in Japan has convinced a variety of private railways as well as a few of the former public railway companies to become customers of Getzner Werkstoffe. A reference project of this magnitude indicates the best possible prospects for the continued growth of Getzner in Japan. In addition to the excellent results for vibration isolation, the Japanese builders were also won over by the good price-performance ratio, the durability and recyclability aspects.