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Smart online resource management helps avoid COVID-19 bottlenecks

Solgenium © Solgenium

© Solgenium


Austrian company Solgenium has developed a dynamic HR and resources model for hospitals. Based on anticipated patient numbers, this web-based system enables users to predict how many additional staff will be required to treat patients infected with COVID-19.

The HR and resources model is updated on a daily basis and can use data about patient numbers and the severity of pateints’ illness to work out things like the number of beds and ventilators required, or highlight any shortfall in PPE masks or disinfectant.

A joint venture with the University of Oxford has also made it possible to carry out specific calculations for many countries across the globe -something already being used by 12 countries across four continents.

This smart new resource management system enables institutions to manage demand for infrastructure, materials and staff, and it is already in operational use in many high-profile hospitals. The tool, which is available in German, English and Ukrainian, displays all its results via a web-based front end in which essential parameters can be adjusted according to requirements at any point during data entry.


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