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Maintaining social distancing with SAFEDI

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SAFEDI sounds a warning signal when the gap between people is too small; the system is based on a refinement of Bluetooth technology.

As soon as people approach one another, SAFEDI sets off a visual signal as an advance warning. If two people get closer than the minimum permissible distance, visible and audible alarms are constantly activated. SAFEDI thus helps anyone wearing a SAFEDI device to maintain safe social distancing and to protect the area around the face, which is particularly susceptible to infection. When used in conjunction with hygienic precautions, SAFEDI helps to take the pressure off the healthcare system and to boost the economy.

An anonymous contact tracing diary records which SAFEDIs have been in close contact. Should an infection be detected, it will be possible to quickly identify the chain of infection. No personal details are used and all data older than the incubation period of 14 days will be deleted.

High levels of data security are guaranteed, as the system only registers which devices have come close to one another – and all users can activate this function for themselves.

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