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Austria is fourth-richest EU Country 

16. August 2017

After Luxembourg, Ireland and the Netherlands, Austria is the next richest country in the European Union (EU). Outside the EU only the Icelanders, Norwegians and the Swiss are better off than the Austrians.

According to preliminary estimates from the EU statistics office Eurostat , in 2016 gross domestic product (GDP) per capita in purchasing power standards (PPS) ranged from 48% to 267% of the EU average (100%).

With a value of 126%, Austria has the highest GDP per capita of all EU member states except Luxembourg (267%), Ireland (177%) and the Netherlands. This made Austria the fourth richest EU country in 2016, closely followed by Denmark (125%), Sweden (124%) and Germany (123%). The other countries above the EU average were Belgium (118%), Finland (109%), the United Kingdom (108%) and France (105%).

GDP per capita was slightly below the EU average in Italy (96%), Malta (95%) and Spain (92%). The two countries with the lowest GDP per head in terms of the EU average were once again Romania (59%) and Bulgaria (48%).

Iceland (129%), Norway (149%) and Switzerland (159%) were the only countries outside the EU with higher GDP per capita than Austria.