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Austria’s wine exports have been hitting new heights

2. May 2018

Despite modest harvests, Austria’s wine-growers have repeatedly notched up record export sales over the last few years.

Today’s Austrian wines are as highly prized by connoisseurs as they are by the world’s more casual wine drinkers. Produced by long-established, artisanal vintners, the wines have proved their quality in international blind tastings time and time again.

And this success speaks for itself – despite a slight dip in export volumes, figures from Austrian Wine , the Austrian wine marketing board, show that export turnover exceeded all expectations in 2017, with a record tally of EUR 158.6 million that equates to growth of 7.4%. This was the first time the grand total had exceeded the EUR 150 million mark, with average prices climbing to EUR 3.39 per litre.

Unlike most of Europe’s great wine nations, who were left bemoaning the lowest wine production figures in years, Austria’s 2017 harvest of 2.5 million hectolitres was also 25% up on the five-year average. The excellent quality of this year’s growth is cause for celebration, and 2017’s exceptional vintage suggests that there is thus every chance that Austria will be breaking new records in 2018 as well.

These export figures are a ringing endorsement of Austria’s approach over the last few decades, with wine from Austria positioned as a high-quality niche product in a fiercely competitive international market. Exports of Austrian wine to Scandinavia, the Benelux countries and also the UK were all up significantly. Outside the EU, meanwhile, China, Canada and Russia accounted for a significant share of overall exports, with these markets registering an increase in both aggregate value and the average price per litre.