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An innovative vehicle with endless applications

8. January 2019

SYN TRAC has created a vehicle design that brings together technology, safety and comfort – a new vehicle with endless applications!

SYN TRAC is both a company and the synonymous vehicle it has created, an advanced and flexible device unlike anything the market has ever seen.

SYN TRAC had no intention of reinventing the tractor, but they were at least hoping to optimise it for every kind of task. The result is the perfect implement for the job. Because of their numerous adaptation and extension options, SYN TRAC vehicles can be used in far more ways than any other vehicle on the market.

SYN TRAC’s extraordinary adaptability at every level is as impressive as it is remarkable. Good all-round visibility and completely automated attachment of accessory equipment ensure a far higher level of safety, while its low centre of gravity and a turning circle of just 9 metres allow the vehicle to be used on all kinds of road surfaces without a hitch. Potential areas of use for SYN TRAC range from agriculture and forestry through road construction and highway maintenance to civil defence and disaster management.

Based in Upper Austria and used around the world is the title chosen by the OÖ (Upper Austria) Export Center for the project it has launched in conjunction with the ‘Gründen’ online platform and ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA to find the best international start-ups, and 21 of the hottest international start-ups from Upper Austria have been selected from all the applications to win awards. 

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