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Facts and Figures

Here are a few facts and figures about the Austrian industry: Logistics

Road and Rail Infrastructure

  • Road network density in Austria (2016): 20.5 km per 1,000 km2 (EU average: 17.4 km per 1,000 km2)
  • Rail network density in Austria (2016): 60.3 km per 1,000 km2 (EU average: 49.6 km per 1,000 km2)
  • Planned investment in telematics applications for the Austrian transport system from 2005 to 2020: around EUR 1 billion.

Source: Transport and logistics - Facts and figures. Annual report 2019.

Source: Transport and logistics - Facts and figures. Annual report 2019.
Figures of the Transport Industry (2018)
Number of companies active in the Austrian transport industry37,629
of which start-ups2,013
Employeescirca 229,799

Cable car industry

The Austrian cable car industry is an exemplary sector of Austrian industry and commands a high export rate.

Source: Factsheet 2018/2019. Professional Association of the Austrian Cable Cars.
Cable car companies (2018/2019)253
Investment (2018/2019)600 million EUR
Conveyance of passengers (Winter 2018/2019)599 million
Total number of people employed (2018/2019)17,300
Source: Trend Top 500
The 10 largest transportation and logistics companies in Austria by net turnover in million Euros (2018)
1. Österr. Bundesbahnen-Holding AG (ÖBB) 5,644.00
2. Rail Cargo Austria AG 2,304.30
3. ÖBB Personenverkehr AG 2,202.10
4. Austrian Airlines AG (AUA) 2,178.00
5. LKW Walter Internationale Transportorganisation AG 2,080.00
6. Österreichische Post AG 1,958.50
7. Schenker & Co AG 1,423.00
8. Kühne + Nagel Eastern Europe AG 1,069.00
9. cargo-partner Group Holding AG 753.00
10. Wiener Linien GmbH & Co KG 613.17