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Architectural highlight brings the ocean to life at the Expo in South Korea

"Living Ocean, Living Coast": the Theme Pavilion of the Austrian architects soma architecture shows at the Expo 2012 in South Korea how sustainability can be realized architecturally.

soma is an internationally renowned and award-winning architectural office. The Austrian architects designed the Theme Pavilion for the EXPO 2012 in Yeosu, South Korea. The design of the creative theme pavilions is based on the principle of emotion, movement and sustainability.

The aim of this project was to design the main building in harmony with the urban environment and nature. In doing this, it should allow visitors to experience the EXPO’s theme "Living Ocean, Living Coast" in a various manner.

soma created a concept that embodies the surface of the sea, and at the same time its depth. Spatial and atmospheric agents make the living ocean and coastal regions experience in a double-faced fashion: Towards the sea creates the thick concrete body a coastline, from the land create the winding paths a fascinating landscape. The roof is transformed into the moving lamellae of an innovatively kinetic façade which was presented to the public as a pioneering global novelty: during the day it regulates the light, at night it makes a sensuous and emotional experience. A sustainable climate concept and the principle of the facade communicate the intention of the EXPO architecturally - the responsible dealing with natural resources.