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Austrian Business Climate Survey in Kosovo 2014/2015

2. April 2015

AdvantageAustria – Commercial Office Prishtina together with the Kosovo Chamber ofCommerce present the results of the Austrian Business Climate Survey amongAustrian companies in Kosovo. The three top priorities of Austrian companiesregarding the Kosovo Government are reduction of bureaucracy, fight againstcorruption and investor security.

Advantage Austria– Commercial Office in Prishtina conducted the second business climate surveyamong Austrian companies established in Kosovo. The survey was conducted from December2014 to the end of February 2015. The target group was managing directors ofAustrian companies in Kosovo. The response rate was quite high (75%).

According to the latestofficial statistics of the National Bank of Kosovo the total amount of Austriandirect investment in Kosovo amounts to 158 Mio. EUR (by the end of 2013)Austria is thus one of the biggest investors in Kosovo. Austria is ranked No. 6followed by Turkey, Switzerland, Slovenia, Great Britain and Germany. More than100 companies with Austrian capital are established in Kosovo.

CoreFindings of the Survey

• Austriancompanies in Kosovo are predominantly active in the services sector.

• Austriancompanies are relatively pessimistic about the general economic situation inKosovo, however with a more optimistic outlook for 2014.

• Regardingtheir own sector and economic situation, Austrian companies are moreoptimistic; many of them will invest more and hire more employees in 2014.

• Austriancompanies assess the attractiveness of Kosovo as a destination of foreigndirect investment predominantly as satisfactory.

• Regardingthe framework conditions, the largest differences between expectations andreality are in fields like :fight against corruption, reliability in making payments and quality of local employees.

•With the flexibility of the labor law, Customs,local Government and availability of local suppliers Austrian companies are relativelysatisfied

• The threetop priorities of Austrian companies regarding the new Kosovo Government are legal security and investment protection, fighting corruptionand political stability.


Thedetailed results can be found in the results summary in the download section.


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