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ECO WORLD STYRIA Styrian environmental technology grows by 15%




The member companies of ECO WORLD STYRIA achieved revenue growth of 14.9% to EUR 1.68 billion in 2006. Growth was therefore double that of last year. 
Styria, the second largest federal province in Austria, is solidifying its position as the number one ECO-centre and is contributing to Austria's Kyoto environmental targets.   

ECO WORLD STYRIA is the environmental technology network of Styria, which has developed into Austria's largest. Its extraordinarily good figures have also secured its international standing. Styria is home to one of the highest concentrations in Europe of companies involved in renewable energy and environmental technology.

The areas of water/sewage and material flow (Stoffstrom) management are currently the largest revenue generators; however, renewable energy is the fastest growing sector: 30% for solar and 18% for biomass. And it is the small and medium enterprises in particular which are the fastest growth generators. The Styrian companies have achieved the harmonious balance between economy and ecology. The new products are saving 6.3 million tonnes of CO² - almost half of Styria's total CO2 emissions. Along with future products, Kyoto environmental targets for the whole of Austria will be met and exceeded by around 24.5 million tonnes, based purely on current calculations.