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 Cooperation in fighting with drugdealing  

Belgian shepherd dog (c)

 USA Embassy in Kazakhstan presented three trained in Austria drug-detecting dogs to law- enforcement authorities of Kazakhstan.

  Astana. May 6, 2008. "Kazakhstan Today" – "USA took part in this program by financing the training border guards from Committee of National Security (CNS), servicemen from Committee on Fighting with Drugdealing of MIA and representatives from Military Institute of CNS, as well as purchasing three dogs in Austria: two Belgian shepherds, one German shepherd and equipment for work with dogs", - told D. Ordwey, USA Ambassador in Kazakhstan.

"This training is a good beginning of cooperation between USA, Austria and Kazakhstan", - the Ambassador has accented.

Ursual Fahringer, Austrian Ambassador in Kazakhstan has told: "border protection in Central Asia is important thing not only for Central Asian countries, but for the whole region as well." "We can give our experience and knowledge in training dogs for drugs detection; from the other hand, such projects facilitate, in higher level, human relations and trust between nationals" – she has accented.

Representatives from Kazakhstan's side – Baurzhan Eleubayev, Head of Military Institute of CNS, Nygmetzhan Sapparov, Deputy Chairman of Committee on Fightingwith Drugdealing and Drugs-turnover Control of MIA of Kazakhstan- thanked foreign colleagues for training Kazakhstan's servicemen and dogs.