Making use of every part of organic waste with Livin Farms

A living circular economy: biological waste is being converted into valuable ingredients for foodstuffs using technology from this Austrian firm.


Treating dealing with waste as a business is not a new concept, and recycling is often already standard practice, but the order of the day is now the ‘circular economy’ – a term describing measures that help to extend the lifespan of products and their components. This saves on raw materials and energy, and will reduce waste – even preventing it entirely, in a best-case scenario.

The fact that insects can not only process almost every element of biological waste, but can also be considered the environmentally friendly foodstuff of the future is also nothing new. Livin Farms has combined both insights and has developed a system that applies the principles of the circular economy to the foodstuff and feed industry.

Top-quality insect protein obtained from organic waste can in turn be utilised in foodstuffs and animal feed; in simple terms, this is a system to fatten up insects for industrial uses. Livin Farms provides both the technology and the insect larvae, ultimately creating new, top-quality products made from insect protein such as powders, fat, fertilisers, and fresh or dried larvae.

Greentech Austria: Livin Farms
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