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Machinery and plants: full service for the global food industry

22. August 2014

The Austrian family-run company Bertsch-Laska concentrates on the dairy and meat processing industry and has a very successful track record as a full-service provider.

Bertsch-Laska has been successfully providing expertise and manufacturing equipment – from individual machines to entire production lines – to the global dairy and meat processing industry for the past 50 years. The Austrians supply equipment, machines and plants from over 30 manufacturers including several from Austria.

The company not only concentrates on special industry sectors, but also on selected countries: the Baltic States, Russia, Belarus, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Georgia. Bertsch-Laska operates its own sales subsidiaries in Lithuania, Russia and Belarus. Annual revenues are between EUR 20 and 25 million, with exports accounting for 96%.

Bertsch-Laska is adept at handling the ever greater complexity of projects and steadily increasing demands in terms of quality and flexibility. After all, in the international food production business, full-service providers who can guarantee appropriate, highly productive systems have the best chance. Bertsch-Laska deals with the planning, delivery, fitting, operational start and servicing of the plants and can even help with product optimisation if required. Furthermore, Bertsch-Laska offers project-related financing.