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New e-Government application for processing special transport applications (SOTRA) New application for special transportation



23. August 2011

From 1 November 2011 across Austria a new e-Government application for special transportation will come into use, with the aid of which, from this date, applications for special transportation can and indeed should be made electronically.

In future, there will be two ways in which applicants can file applications electronically: either using an online form, or a web-service interface.

In order to retrieve the online form, one-off registration for use of the e-Government application is needed. Details of registration and the opportunity to sample the online form can be found on the Upper Austria homepage .

The advantages of using the online form are:
- Overview of applications made
- Copying of applications
- Checking the processing status of applications
- Straightforward dealing with additions and amendments to application data
- E-mail information from the authorities (receipt of application, correcting errors, issue of notices, etc.)
- Straightforward transfer of vehicle data from previous applications
- Ease of establishing number of applications nationwide (for enquiry of all authorities)

In addition to the above advantages for applicants, electronic applications also offer optimization opportunities for all agencies involved in the approval process, since all application data is available centrally to all authorities and responding agencies, and no longer needs to be recorded and forwarded a multiple number of times. A further advantage consists in the fact that the workflow of the approval process is supported electronically on a standard basis for all parties involved within the IT application.

The second possibility of filing applications electronically is provided by a web-service interface. This form of filing is intended for those companies which have an internal IT administration system and wish to transmit applications and monitor their application status using such a system. Vehicle databases can thereby be directly integrated into the application process. Use of the web-service interface entails for applicants a one-off IT development cost plus ongoing costs for the respective connection, while use of the online form is free of charge. Technical details of the web-service interface can be found on the Upper Austria homepage .
Use of this e-Government application represents another step in the direction of modern and efficient administration, and further improvement of public services to the business community.