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Events 2008 - Good Business Opportunities

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27. December 2007

Lithuania is becoming more and more interesting, getting into the focus of Europe with its high rates of economics growth. Austria and its businessmen are recognizing this development, and therefore 2008 more events than ever are scheduled by the Commercial Section of the Austrian Embassy.

Being aware of the fact that Lithuania is in a phase of booming development and even in case of an end of this will stay with growth rates far above those in most parts of Europe, the Austrian business society is more active than ever in Lithuania. In its support to the improvement of bilateral trade and exchange of services, the Commercial Section of the Austrian Embassy is offering more possibilities than ever in 2008 to strengthen this positive development. Events scheduled for 2008 include:

- Two Trade Missions (13. March and 2. Oktober), with the opportunity of individual talks with the Austrian participants. List of participants will be available and published on this side about one month before the event.

- Tourism Workshop (23. April) for Lithuanian travel operators and agencies, organised in collaboration with the Austrian National Tourism Organisation

- Presentation of excellent Austrian vines during annual vine tasting-exhibition "Vyno dienos" in Mai 2008.

- Visit of a delegation of important Tirolean entrepreneurs on 22. Mai. This event shall be used also to organize an Austrian-Lithuanian Business Forum.

- "Forum" with the topic "Modernization of Industries". This includes a study about the actual situation in Lithuanian industry, a presentation of this study in Austria and a visit of a delegation of Austrian companies to Lithuania, both for general information and individual talks.

- Two Austrian-Lithuanian Business Evenings, where Lithuanian businessmen with relations to Austria are invited to get some more information about Austria and have a pleasant evening.

For detailed information regarding above mentioned events please feel free to contact our office in Vilnius.