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Implementation of the International Twinning Project on the Issues of Animal Welfare

11. July 2007

On 3 July 2007 the kickoff meeting of the Twinning Project on animal welfare in Lithuania was held at the headquarters of the Lithuanian State Food and Veterinary Service (SFVS) with the participation of the Austrian partners.

Austria has been not an accidental choice as a European partner for the Twinning Project. This country has a long tradition in animal welfare matters and a long list of high ranked experts engaged in animal welfare. This is the first project in the field implemented in Lithuania. It will last for a year and will be funded by the European Union.

The importance of the project has been stressed by the Ambassador of the Republic of Austria in Lithuania Ms Andrea Wicke who attended the meeting. During the meeting the Lithuanian and Austrian partners presented the goals, methods of the project and the forthcoming trainings of specialists, timing of workshops and other topical issues. The key goal of the bilateral project is to improve the system of control on the welfare of animals in Lithuania, to ensure that the laws dealing with the keeping, transportation, slaughter of animals and other aspects of animal welfare are in line with the legislation of the European Union.

The experience of the Austrian experts will be useful in tackling the sensitive issues of animal welfare in Lithuania, will facilitate the training of highly qualified veterinarians effecting control over the conditions of keeping, transportation and slaughter of farm animals.

Source: Lithuanian State Food and Veterinary Service