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Austria - A Hub between the East and West

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17. August 2011

International companies are taking advantage of Austria's qualities as a business location. The number of settlements in Austria is growing considerably. 

Due to the geographical and historical situation, Austria has strong economic ties to the East of Europe. In many of those countries Austria is the biggest foreign investor. These connections are also recognized by international companies; over 300 are using Austria as a hub for their EEC business.

Besides the business friendly taxation laws –especially the group taxation – there are vast other facts that speak for Austria’s quality as a business location like the financially secure situation, well trained employees, high competence as well as a low crime rate and a very high quality of life. Not only is the economic region Vienna ranked among the top ten by the EU, it is also the city with the fourth highest income per capita within the EU.

Another advantage of Vienna is the well connected Vienna Airport, which currently serves 47 destinations. But not only Vienna is interesting for settling, all nine provinces attract foreign companies with their own favourable conditions in different sectors. Facing these advantages for international companies it is not surprising that the number of settlements in Austria grew considerably. Over 2010 alone there was an increase of 25% of the year before, a further increase is expected for 2011.

Source: BMF (2011): Investing in Austria. Yearbook on the Financial Center, p. 20f.