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Tavex - the official representative of the Austrian Mint

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22. December 2010

Since December 2010, Tavex Group is the official representative of the Austrian Mint  

Austrian Mint has 800-year history, during which they have minted all Austrian coins from Ducats to the modern Euros. In addition to circulation money, the factory also mints coins for collectors and investors.

As the first project within the cooperation with Austrian Mint, Tavex offers pure gold investment coins – The Vienna Philharmonics. The Vienna Philharmonic is the only bullion coin in the world that is denominated EURO. The Phiharmonic coin is dedicated to the cultural pride of Austria - Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.

Tavex AB is a currency exchange company that is 100% owned by Estonian company Tavid AS (In Latvia - Tavex SIA). In addition to currency exchange, Tavex makes also currency transfers, express transfers between Sweden, Finland, Estonia and sells Tax-Free gold. Tavex is the biggest currency exchange company in Estonia with five offices, two offices in Latvia, one office in Finland and one office in Sweden.

Source:  Tavex SIA