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Baltikums Vienna Insurance Group has developed new product „CASCO Guaranties“

2. June 2016

The Latvian new car market has a tendency to grow, so the Austrian company “Baltikums Vienna Insurance Group” has developed "CASCO Guarantees", a new voluntary vehicle insurance service, which will support the new car market development.

The new product "CASCO Guarantees" will help the new car owners to avoid the unpleasant fact that the bought new car loses up to 20% of its value after the purchase. "CASCO Guarantees" can be bought for all brand new cars.

The company Baltikums Vienna Insurance Group is a subsidiary to the Austrian insurance company "Vienna Insurance Group" since 2015. The insurance company wants to offer the unprecedented and high-quality voluntary vehicle insurance product in Latvia. It is more expensive and has a  much better quality than other available products. This will motivate citizens to choose a new vehicle.

For further information: Baltikums Vienna Insurance Group