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Doka implements high-performance construction system in the Baltic region

3. September 2014

Tartu Bridge constructed by cutting edge Doka technology

Cantilever forming traveller (CFT) is a technology developed byDoka  that is used in cases when the traditional support system is impossible to be constructed. For the first time the system is used in the Baltic region.

The bridge over the River Emajogi in Estonia serves as a strategic part of the city bypass which is further responding the new approaches of the increasing urban traffic flow in the area of the second largest city of Estonia. The bridge is built by using Doka’s cutting-edge construction technology for the 55-metre middle section of the bridge across the river.

All projects using the CFT system are developed by Doka’s competency centers, to ensure a safe construction, also under harsh conditions. The use of the system requires investments at an early stage when designing and installing, but regains the invested resources during construction, allowing to execute a construction of an impressive span in a relative short period of time.

The Tartu bridge formwork project was realized by Doka GmbH in cooperation with Doka Latvia and Doka Eesti . The formwork project with the CFT system was engineered by the competency center in Doka’s headquarters in Amstetten (Austria).

The project cooperation between Austrian engineers, builders and designers of the bridge was coordinated by Doka Latvia. Upcoming queries were answered by the formwork engineers from the Estonian branch. The completion of the whole project is planned for the end of 2015.

For more information   DOKA