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13. July 2009

Starting 11 July until 2 August the Museum of Decorative Arts and Design in Riga will show an exhibition of textile art and stone sculptures of a group of artist from Eastern Tyrol in Austria.

The Quilt-group from the eastern part of Tyrol has been established in 1991 and identifies itself with works of fabrics, meticulous sewing of artful patchwork-creations, refining traditional techniques and visionary picture pattern creations.

Patchwork is folk art, which has been developed centuries ago. Nowadays it is much more than just assembling three different layers of fabrics. Meanwhile, in addition to the traditional themes of patchwork art, happy and creative experimentation with fabrics, a wide variety of materials, colors and designs have been established.

The exhibition in the Museum of Decorative Arts and Design in Riga presents Quilts from seven artists of the Quilt-group from the eastern part of Tyrol: Gerlinde Gradnig, Walter Gradnig, Marlies Duiner, Monika Jost, Hermi Steininger, Marlene Schmid and Melanie Lengsfeld in various techniques.

The Quilt artists search for their inspirations in the whole world. Style and Technique are constantly widened; at the same time the cultural roots and local traditions are kept under noticeable influence in innovative Quilt art.
The Quilt-group Lienz has presented their textile- artworks at exhibitions in Austria (Lienz, Innsbruck, Wien) as well as in Europe (Lyon, Vincenza, Milano, Bratislava, Krakow, Oppole and Birmingham).

Source: Museum of Decorative Arts and Design (13.07.2009)