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One of the oldest Latvian beer brands will be produced by “Valmiermuizas alus”

14. September 2015

“Valmiermuizas alus” has renewed the legendary brand “Kokmuiza beer” from the 17th century.

Currently, Latvian beer lovers become more and more demanding in relation to the diversity of tastes, there is also a recovery in demand for the top-fermented beers. According to the brewing traditions of the 17th century, “Valmiermuizas alus” will produce the top-fermented beer “Kokmuiza beer”. The brewery has invested 30 thousand euros into the production. Currently it is planned, that “Kokmuiza beer” will achieve the extent of 5 % of the whole beer production volume. “Valmiermuizas alus” brand beer currently constitutes about 1 % of the Latvian beer market. 

“Valmiermuizas alus” is a small manor brewery located in Valmiera. The brewery aimed to develop a Latvian beer tasting culture and opened in 2009. The share capital of the “Valmiermuizas alus” is owned by “Valmiermuizas investment fund”, which was founded to develop “Valmiermuiza” brand and Valmiermuiza region. 24 % of the fund shares owns the Austrian investment fund “Industrieliegenschaften AG” and 16 % the Austrian enterprise “Alcor GmbH”.

For further information: Valmiermuizas alus