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New plant in latvia

19. June 2013

The Latvian recycling and plastics company Eko Baltija has opened a new plant for the production of PET resin in Jelgava south of Riga.

CEO Artūrs Skroderis announced that the investments in the Eko PET plant located in the industrial park of Jelgava were as high as LVL 3.7 million (EUR 5.3 million). "This is the only facility of its kind in the Baltic States", Skroderis said, and mentioned as a market next to Latvia its northern neighbor Estonia.

The capacity of Eko PET is at 8,500 tons of PET resin per year - enough for the production of approximately 270 million PET bottles - significantly more than the volume consumed in Latvia which lies at 160 million bottles per year. The main supplier of raw materials for PET Eko is PET Baltija, a subsidiary founded in 2003 by Eko Baltija . The systems of Eko PET derived from the Austrian Starlinger Group.