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The Vienna Model

11. April 2014

Exhibition Housing For The 21st Century City

The Exhibition “The Vienna Model” presents a survey of housing design in the Austrian capital city Vienna during the last five years. The exhibition will highlight these projects for a Latvian audience from the 11th until the 28th of April 2014 in Riga Municipality Hall.

The new housing projects are not only innovative architectural and urban illustrations, but also examples of region renewal and new region creation. The projects built, are based on Viennese architectural traditions, yet at the same time they demonstrate the dynamic architectural possibilities of a modern city. Moreover the exhibition confirms that nowadays not only the mere appearance of a charming residential architecture matters, but rather one also has to look behind the facades of the buildings to gain insight into the creative process.

Vienna's housing program is based on eight key principles which are structured in this exhibition - social polarization, diversity and desegregation, multiplicity and integration, building of new urban districts, citizen participation, environmental and climate protection, increase of city population, development of low-rise building in the outskirts and the role of art in housing design.

The municipal housing program has made a significant contribution to Vienna becoming the city with the highest quality of living, as evidenced by the global ratings.