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UniCredit Leasing” generated 7.478 million euros profit in the Baltic States in 2014

20. April 2015

“UniCredit Leasing” generated 7.478 million euros profit in theBaltic States last year, which was three times more than a year before. Theleasing company's total revenue grew 36.7% last year to 12.53 million euros.

The company's Baltic leasing portfolio expanded by 33 % in 2014 to417.95 million euros at the end of the year.

“Such result was achieved by increasing the company's market sharein Latvia to 21.7 % in the car lease segment and 30.5 % in the segment ofindustrial lease, as well as thankfullyto a successful business strategy in Lithuania and Estonia.

Throughout year 2014 “UniCredit Leasing”kept to follow local strategy as well as UniCredit group policies, being alsoone of the major stakeholders to the development of local economies in allthree Baltic countries: Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, whereas the investmentsupport to SME sector has constituted more than 85% of all newly concludedleasing contracts. In 2014, the Group's leasing portfolio has increased by 3% compared to 2013.

On1st ofJuly, 2014 the “UniCredit Leasing” has successfully accomplished the Strategicplan of Shareholders on "De-licensing of AS UniCredit Bank” with a furthermerger with SIA UniCredit Leasing, taking over the loan portfolio.