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“Valmiermuizas alus” reveals a new cellar for brewing exquisite beer

9. December 2014

The cellar revealed for exquisite beer brewing in small batches. 

At the end of 2014 Valmiermuizas alus invested 60 thousand euro in a new beer cellar. In the new cellar the brewed beer will be with special taste bouquet, including to national history and special historical events. It is planned to develop several new recipes every year. The batches will be up to 5500 bottles and each bottle will be numbered, indicating the brewing year.

The first beer brewed in the new cellar is “Valmiermuiza Beer liqueur”. This is the first Latvian beer which after the brewing process is still being aged in the iced cellar, frozen three times.

“Valmiermuizas alus” is a small manor brewery located in Valmiera. The brewery aims to develop a Latvian beer tasting culture and has been opened in 2009. “Valmiermuizas alus” brewery share capitals are owned by “Valmiermuizas investment fund”, founded to develop “Valmiermuiza” brand and Valmiermuiza region. 24 % of the fund´s shares owns the Austrian investment fund “Industrieliegenschaften AG” and 16 % the Austrian enterprise “Alcor GmbH”.

For further information: Valmiermuizas alus