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Great Success for Latvia and Austrian Mint

COTY goes to Latvia ©


2. February 2010

Latvia wins the 2010 Coin of the Year award for the special 25-Lat coining remembering 15 years of independance

The important numismatic price "Coin of the Year" was awarded on January 31 in Berlin to the 20 Lati gold coin remembering 15 years of independance, The coin shows a Latvian lady with traditional head scarf and was created already in 1922 by Teodors Zalkalns, but not yet minted.
It's exactly that fact which made it very special work for the Austrian Mint, commissioned by Bank of Latvia to mint the coin. Mr. Zalkalns work had not only to be cleaned, but also had to be prepared for the modern minting machines before the coins could be produced. Therefore also Austrian Mint is very proud of this big sucess.

Source: COTY Goes to Latvia