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Claro Cleanliness has an (Upper) Austrian name

Company headquarters of © claro production GmbH

© claro production GmbH

13. February 2009

Situated in the heart of the idyllic Salzkammergut, the 50-person company Claro develops ongoing innovation in the dishwashing detergent sector – 2008 saw the launch of the first phosphate-free dishwasher tabs from the company headquarters by Mondsee.

“Spotless business” is the motto of the Mondsee-based company in Upper Austria, claro products GmbH , the only dishwasher detergent manufacturer in Austria. Ultimately, claro does everything possible to make sure that customers have sparkling cutlery and crockery every time. Since its foundation in 1995, claro has been dedicated to producing dishwasher tabs – to great international acclaim. Claro has a track record in innovation, being the first to develop “3-phase tabs” and also pioneering “energy tabs in soluble film”. With the launch of CLARO PUR! tabs in 2008, Claro gave the market the first tabs without phosphate and chlorine. The special formula is more environmentally friendly and yet retains the top cleaning performance that claro customers have come to expect.

In Austria claro has 10% market share and is available in every supermarket and drugstore. The company also produces brands for Hofer, Rewe and Metro, in addition to being the exclusive producer for German manufacturer, Miele. Exports account for 60% and the most important foreign markets are Germany, Greece and Spain. Further expansion is planned for Russia and the neighbouring CEE countries.