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Simply delicious - Apples from the green heart of Austria

Red apple with EVA logo © EVA Handels GmbH, Exportvereinigung Apfel (EVA)

© EVA Handels GmbH, Exportvereinigung Apfel (EVA)

16. July 2009

Apples from Austria offer a natural bite of the highest quality. Styria is Austria's "apple centre" and exports up to 70,000 tonnes of apples to across the world.

Every year around 140,000 tonnes of apples are harvested in Styria. Around half of these remain in Austria under the “frisch-saftig-steirisch” brand. The remainder go via EVA Handels GmbH, Exportvereinigung Apfel (EVA) - based in St. Ruprecht - to more than 30 countries worldwide, under the brand names “EVA” and “Mozart”.

Together with the growers’ organisation „Obst Partner Steiermark GmbH“ (OPST) and the eleven packing sites, EVA is the largest fruit marketer in Austria. EVA was founded in 1993 when Styria’s eight largest apple marketers came together. The company now offers a range of eleven types of apple, supplied by over 1,000 apple growers.

The most important export markets for Styrian apples are Germany, Great Britain, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. Russia and the Middle East are seen as the most promising markets for the future. Austrian apples enjoy an excellent reputation internationally. This is thanks to the high quality and unique flavour of the varieties grown. In line with international trends, the share of organic production is set to rise to 15,000 tonnes over the next years.