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Vienna has more than just wine and waltz

Selection of fresh vegetables in a box © LGV-Frischgemüse Wien reg.Gen.m.b.H.

© LGV-Frischgemüse Wien reg.Gen.m.b.H.

28. July 2009

When you eat tomatoes, cucumbers or salads in Vienna, it's a pretty safe bet that they were also grown in Vienna - how many of the world's urban centres can make a similar claim?

Vienna does not only grow its own wine, it also meets the majority of demand for fresh vegetables from produce grown in the capital. The main supplier is LGV-Frischgemüse , an association of around 250 vegetable  growers from Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland. LGV-Frischgemüse was formed in 1946 from the former “Gemüseverkaufs-Genossenschaft von Wiener Gärtnern”, founded in 1930.

With an annual production rate of 50,000 tonnes, the group is now the largest company for Austrian vegetables. Depending on the season, Austria is supplied with over 50% of demand for fresh vegetables, rising to 70% in Vienna. In the last financial year, revenues rose by 7% to almost EUR 70 million. The latest innovation is Europe’s most modern cucumber sorting plant which opened last year. From 40 different vegetable types, the main products are tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, salad, radishes and herbs.

It is not only the Austrian market which is supplied with fresh produce: vegetables are also exported to Greece, Germany, Great Britain, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia and Italy.