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The General People's Congress CABINET RESHUFFLE

30. January 2007

9 of the 17 secretaries (minister) were replaced by new ones.

The General People's Congress (20th to 22nd of January in Sirte), the top legislative body in Libya, has made a cabinet reshuffle in the current executive branch by replacing 9 of the 17 secretaries (minister) by new ones. Furthermore a new ministry for Gas, Electricity and Water was created.
Only 9 months ago, in March 2006, an extensive reshuffle of the cabinet took place by creating 5 new ministries and replacing the prime minister Dr. Ghanem with his deputy Dr. Mahmoudi.An unexpected move in the reshuffle was the scrapping of the Secretariat of Tourism headed by Ammar Eltayif.
There has been no official explanation as yet to why the General People’s Congress did away with the Tourism Secretariat, especially as economic officials and experts in the country have been citing tourism as part of an economic strategy that would help in the diversification of the nation’s resources along with oil and gas.