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Construction of a Zone of Special Nature between Zawara and Abu Kammash

11. October 2006

International Investment Zone suitable for everybody - for Muslim, Christian and Jewish people

The Leader's son El-Saadi Gaddafi commented this project: "This is a historical decision, as we talk about two systems / regimes in one country.
According to the decision  no. 215 of the General People's Committee (06.09.2006) Libya will construct a Free Investment Zone with independent Financial and Legal Sovereignity from the Libyan State, near the borders between Libya and Tunisia.
The Project carries the name "Road to the Future", which will be a Zone fully opened for local and foreign investment. The new metropolis between Zawara and Abu Kammash, a 40 kilometre stretch of desert and sea, will be a centre of tourism, hi-tech industry and medical and educational accomplishment.
The "new city" will provide many facilities for investors, such as free movement,law taxes, free banking zone and liberal social system allowing a multi-religious environment.
A harbour and airport are also part of the blueprint.