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Local and presidential elections in Macedonia

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8. April 2009

 Milososki: Macedonia demonstrated democratic maturity at elections 

 The presidential election has gained another quality, because these are the most flawless elections thus far, peaceful, fair and democratic, said Monday Foreign Minister Antonio Milososki in Istanbul, where he takes part at the two-day Forum of the Alliance of Civilizations.

According to him, forum participation and bilateral meetings would represent a chance to acquaint colleagues from EU member-states with the latest political developments in Macedonia, the democratic elections and the society's capacity to hold elections in line with European standards.

"On the other hand, an additional benefit from the elections is the fact that a presidential candidate has congratulated his rival on the victory for the first time, wishing him success", added FM Milososki.

He claimed this is the way Macedonia needs to function in the future, since the presidential elections concern all citizens.

"I consider that Macedonia has made a significant step forward by demonstrating internal democratic maturity, which would be of enormous assistance in the field of foreign policy and refreshing the country's international renown", underlined Foreign Minister Antonio Milososki.